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Letter of introduction to other Universities

  • To be issued by heads of university libraries OR from a person who has been duly authorized
  • To present the letter to the head of the hosting university library for acceptance
  • Valid until the end of the year in which it was issued
  • Are only issued to Masters and Doctoral students who have registered for the current year
  •  Full particulars must already have been entered into the campus data

Responsibility for borrowed library material

The university library issuing a letter of introduction accepts full responsibility for any material borrowed by the person to whom the letter of introduction has been issued in his/her capacity as a special member of the host university library. Access to another university library does not guarantee access to electronic resources. It will solely depend on the hosting library’s license agreement 


External Membership / Library

Nelson Mandela University LIS welcomes external borrowers and can provide access to a range of library material.


EXTERNAL USER : Is a library user who is not registered as a Nelson Mandela University staff member or a Nelson Mandela University student, but by payment of a prescribed fee, obtains access to the library collections and services. Access to databases It is against license agreements to allow access to Electronic Journals and databases to External Members Off Campus.  External users will be issued with a membership card for a 3/6/12 month registration period and must re-apply for membership and pay the required dues, after the expiration of each registration period. There is also Day Visit option where R50 is payable before utilizing the library. External Users must reside in the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Area (Jeffrey’s Bay and Humansdorp included) or George Municipality Area (Knysna, Oudtshoorn and Mossel Bay included). External Users may only take out library materials after individual approval by the Customer Services Librarian and the payment of a prescribed fee (some members have free membership):

*External Users may only take out library material after individual approval by the Customer    Services Librarian/Branch Librarians /Senior Librarians.