Step 1:

Place your student card/staff card under the red laser beam with the barcode on the front or back of the card facing upwards and scan the barcode. ( Your name/surname will appear on the screen) 


Step 2:

Place the book's barcode under the red laser beam and scan the barcode. (The book's barcode is usually inside the back cover of the book on the same page as the date-stamp slip)


Step 3:

Slide the spine of the book along the V-shaped indentation under the screen ( Wait for the beep sound).

If you only wish to check out one book proceed to step 4.

If you wish to check out more than one book repeat step 2 and 3 for each individual book before proceeding to step 4.


 Step 4 :

Once you have checked out all your books, touch the "print receipt " icon on the screen to print your receipt. The due date of the book will display on the receipt.