Deputy Director, Ms Bonga Makrwede

General loan issues

Online form: Report address/phone Change

Services are free for registered students, all staff members and the University Council.

Please report any information changes via the form above

Persons not registered with Nelson Mandela University and residing in the Nelson Mandela and George Metropolitan areas may make use of the library facilities but may only take out books after approval by the Customer Services Librarian and the payment of the prescribed fees. Loan rules for different patron categories:

  • Nelson Mandela University books: (indicating maximum number of books at a time)

1-3rd year students: 10 at South & 4 at all other campuses for 14 days

4-5th year students: 15 at South and 10 at all other campuses for 30 days

Masters & Doctoral students: 20 at South and 10 at all other campuses for 60 days

Academic & Research Staff / LIS: 30 for 90 days

Admin & Technical Staff: 15 at Southand 10 at all other campuses for 30 days


  • Nelson Mandela University unbound serials:

1-3rd year students: 3 for one hour library use only

4-5th year students: 3 for one hour library use only

Masters & Doctoral students: 3 for one hour library use only

Academic & Research Staff / LIS: 10 for 14 days

Admin & Technical Staff: 10 for 14 days


  • Nelson Mandela University bound serials:

1-3rd year students: 3 for 3 days

4-5th year students: 3 for 3 days

Masters & Doctoral students: 10 for 14 days

Academic & Research Staff / LIS: 10 for 14 days

Admin & Technical Staff: 10 for 14 days


  • Nelson Mandela University Videos:

1-3rd year students: 1 for 2 hours library use only

4-5th year students: 1 for 2 hours library use only

Masters & Doctoral students: 1 for 2 hours library use only

Academic & Research Staff / LIS: 3 for 3 days

Admin & Technical Staff: 3 for 3 days


  • Nelson Mandela University short loans:

All Patrons: 3 items for 1 hour library use only


  • Nelson Mandela University study collection:

All Patrons: 3 items for 3 days


  • Renewal of books:

All patrons: once

Overdue charges:

Short Loans (1 hour loans): R2.00 per item per hour

Study Collection (3 day loans): R3.00 per item per day

Multimedia & videos: R2.00 per item per day

Special Art Collection: R1.00 per item per day

Open shelf books: R1.00 per item per day

Photocopy charges:

A4 paper: 32c per copy

A3 paper: 64c per copy


Lost Library material:

Real replacement value of an item for all items in print.

Average replacement costs: determined in February each year for out of print items.

Handling fee: R100 (not refundable)


Where to pay charges:

2nd Avenue Campus - Circulation Desk

George Campus - Circulation Desk

North Campus - Circulation Desk

South Campus - Cash Office on the ground floor of the library

Missionvale Campus - Cashier in Administration building

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Inter-branch loans

Inter-branch loans provide for the borrowing of library material between the different campus libraries of the Nelson Mandela University.

The following items are available on Inter-branch loans:

  • open shelves books
  • multi-media items
  • special collection – art materials
  • videos - staff only

The following items are not available on Inter-branch loans:

  • short loan collection materials
  • study collection materials
  • bound and unbound serials

The George campus books are handled through the inter-library loan system.

Patrons can request inter-branch loan items by completing an IBL card at the circulation desk.

Inter-branch loan items may be requested and returned at any campus library.

A maximum of four inter-branch loan items are allowed per client.

Clients will be notified by mail or e-mail regarding the availability of IBL items requested.

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Inter-library loans


Online form: inter-library loan request form

Paper Request forms are available from the ILL office at South Campus.

This service is only available to registered masters and doctoral students and Nelson Mandela University staff. The central inter-library loans office is on the ground floor in the South Campus Library.
Scroll down for contact information.


The inter-library loans department assists patrons to obtain materials not available in the Nelson Mandela University Library and Information Services. Photocopies and books are requested from South African and international libraries. However if items are not available in South Africa, the patron must give written consent due to the high cost of international requests.

Please check the library catalogue before submitting requests to ensure that the required item is not available at any of the Nelson Mandela University libraries.

In the case of serials, patrons must check the Nelson Mandela UniversityA-to-Z Journal list to ensure that the article is not available electronically.


  • In South Africa: R5.00 - R35.00 per book;
  • articles: R1.00 per page;
  • articles 1-15 pages = R35 at non tertiary institutions and
  • International requests: please enquire at the ILL office.

Loan periods:

  • In South Africa: usually two months.
  • International: three weeks.

Renewals are available on request.

Certain categories of materials e.g. rare books. audio-visual materials, reference works, serials, short loan and study collection, etc. are not available on interlending.

Please return books before the expiry date to the inter-library loans office.


Requests: Submit only one request on each form even if two articles appear in the same issue of the same journal. Take care to complete the form accurately, including abbreviated journal titles if indicated on the original reference.

Place completed print request forms in the "new requests" box in the ILL Office.

Please provide an entity number/cost centre account if the requests are funded from a research fund.

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Off-campus students

Off-campus Students Request for Library Material (only for Nelson Mandela University registered students)


Mail/fax your requests to:

Postal address:
Nelson Mandela Universit Library and Information Services
Private Bag X6058
Port Elizabeth


e-mail to  tel +27 41 504 2291

Please attach bibliographic citations to the request form (only one per form).

Library material are sent to students by courier. It is therefore important to supply the Library with a full street address and telephone number.

Number of items, loan periods & charges:

1st - 3rd year: 10 books for 30 days
4th - 5th year: 15 books for 30 days
M&D students: 20 books for 60 days and 5 bound serials for 14 days

Charges for books and articles requested from libaries:
Nelson Mandela University books: no charge
Nelson Mandela University photocopied articles: R1.00 per page - student account debited

Interlibrary Loan requests (Masters & Doctoral students only):
Books: R5.00 - R35.00 for one item
Articles: R1.00 per page - R15.00 per article - student account debited

You may renew items once per telephone, e-mail or via the library catalogue :

Books that are out on loan will be reserved and sent by courier to users as soon as they become available. Please indicate the latest date by which the item is required. To make library material readily available, return an item to the Library by the new due date specified by the recall notice.

Return of Library Material

  • Students are liable for the returning costs of items.
  • A borrower who fails to return a book will be responsible for the payment of the replacement value of the lost book or an amount determined by the University Librarian.
  • Please return all Library material before or on the due date or extended date by registered mail or another similar system. Remember to use our street address for courier parcels.
  • Library material must be returned in sturdy packages.
  • The Post Office parcel slip should be kept as proof that the books have been returned.
  • The borrower will be held liable for the replacement costs of all items lost in transit.
  • We advise you to insure your parcels because the Post Office only compensates clients for the loss of insured parcels

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Photocopying and printing

Use your student/staff card to photocopy and print library material. This applies to all PE campuses. At the George library you will have to buy a copy card at Reception-Finance in the Administration building.

Copying material is subject to the Copyright Act. It is an offence to copy the whole or a substantial part of a copyright protected book without permission. It is the responsibility of every user to ensure that he/she does not contravene this Act.

The LIS reserves the right to confiscate material that were printed in contravention of the Act.


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